Craft the Perfect Luxventurous Corporate
Event Experience…in Nature!

    Luxventurous is the mashup of luxury and adventure. From our perspective…ideal for product launches, executive retreats, training events, partner meetings, and sales kick-offs. Imagine a bespoke glamping event, complete with luxury tents or Airstream trailer accommodations, gourmet farm-to-table meals, top shelf entertainment, and adventurous excursions. Now that’s guaranteed to set you apart from the competition and make a lasting impression on your guests.

With experience designing and delivering corporate events for major clients in technology, financial services, automotive, biopharma, and other industries; the Regenr8 team has a mastery for delivering amazing experiences and impressive ROI for clients.

Bespoke Glamping that Amazes the Sense

Unique accommodation options ranging from safari-style tents, luxury trailers, yurts, and even tiny home options

Accommodations outfitted with king size beds, comfortable chairs and luxury linen

Fantastic views right on your doorstep

Glamping perks include campfire tenders, luxury restroom and shower trailers, front desk, turndown service and housekeepin

Plenty of fun, convenient, healthy and enriching activities for everyone. From e-bikes to spa experiences; from yoga to kayaking; from wine tastings to outdoor music

Transformative Bespoke Events

When our client decides to Go Big creating a transformative luxventurous experience for employees, partners, or customers, Regenr8 is the partner of choice. With our Glampcrafters platform we’re leading the experiential events industry down an adventurous path that marries social responsibility with measurable performance improvement.

Responsible Adventurous Experience

Historically events have been an embarrassment of waste, exclusion and not contributing to attendees’ wellbeing. Glampcrafters helps clients prove to employees, partners and customers you're a positive change agent addressing climate change, inclusion and population wellness.

Sponsorship and Alliances

Generate growth, inspire your audience, and drive revenue with smart sponsorship strategies with your key partners across product and service categories that complement your own.
Create a compelling, memorable audience experience that ultimately supports your partner sponsor’s business goals in tandem with yours.

Strategic Locations for Pop-Up Glamping

Whether it’s on the shores of the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, or in the mountains of the Rockies, a strategic 5-star glamping event with your key customers and partners create result-oriented experiences with a regenerative impact.

Sustainability &
Business Outcomes Focused

Experiential Touchpoint Design

Every detail of your luxventurous event is intentionally planned and executed with Glampcrafters. Intentionality is behind the selection of accommodation types, food & beverage, excursions, casual recreation, gathering space, amenities and entertainment.

The attention to touchpoint details extends before and after your on-the-ground event experience. Glampcrafters will help design and execute tailored communications campaigns that both inform and include the guests’ input and preferences.

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